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How Do I Display my Twitter Status on my Website?

Bryan Young
posted this on September 21, 2009, 10:08 AM

Getting a Twitter Account and adding it to your website is very easy. Here are the steps to place your Twitter status as an Ad on your website.  You can also add your status to other pieces of Content

  1. First of all, you have to have a Twitter account. If you don't have one, you will have to go to their website and sign up.*
  2. After you have confirmed your account creation through Twitter (depending on e-mail traffic, your e-mail confirmation might come very quickly or take a few hours), you can now create a widget there to access your twitter stream.  You need your twitter ID and your widget ID (twitter calls it the data-widget-id in the code they create for you) to use on your iMinistries site.  To create the widget, click the gear at the top right of Twitter and select Widgets from the menu on the left.  Please reference for other instructions should you wish to do something different with your widget.
  3. Next, create an Ad on your website that will show your status. This can either be a Site Level Ad for your church at large, or it can be a Ministry Level Ad. (Remember, Site Level ads will appear on every page, where as Ministry Level Ads will only appear in the ministry that it has been created in.)
    1. Go to Content Administration and click on Add Ad.**
    2. Click Content Administration and click on Add Ad.
    3. In the Editor toolbar, click the Add Widget icon (silver gear) RadEditor.PNG
    4. Select Twitter from the Widget options menu.
    5. Enter your Twitter ID and the Widget ID you got from Twitter's code generator. The only thing that goes in Widget ID is the 16-20 digit number (not the text you see).
    6. Type in a Heading title ("My Recent Tweets") and whether the heading is shown.
    7. Click Add to insert it.
    8. Make sure to set the status of this Ad to Published and you've named it Twitter Ad (or something similar).
    9. Save.
* Set your Twitter account so that everyone can see your tweets, not just those who follow you.
**If you desire to add your status to a ministry page, start by going to Ministry Controls and select your ministry before beginning the directions in point 3.
Updated December 20, 2013
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