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Travis Hickox June 07, 2011 iMinistries Support / Announcements

Paying your monthly subscription has never been easier.

The preceding instructions are for your website's Account Owner. If you are not the Account Owner, you will not be able to complete these steps. Please notify us by submitting a ticket if the appropriate account owner doesn't have access to this new section.

Configure your Account Details

  1. Login to your website and go to Site Administration.
  2. Click on Account Settings.

On the Account Settings page, you will be presented with four different sections.

Account Details

Review the information that we have on file for you. If it isn't correct, click on the Update link which appears on the right.

Recent Account Activity

This section will contain your invoices and your payments once your account has been configured. You will be able to gain access to your last 5 invoices at any time.

Current Payment Accounts

  1. Click on Add Account.
  2. Add your credit card details.
  3. Click on Use This Account.

Site Configuration

At the beginning of the summer of 2010, we changed our prices to be more appropriately aligned to our industry. We now charge our customers based on how many administrators you need to administrate your website.

  • 1 - 3 Administrators is $39/month
  • 4 - 9 Administrators is $79/month
  • 10+ Administrators is $149/month

To learn more about our pricing, please visit



  1. To adjust how many administrators, and ultimately your monthly subscription rate, click on the link with the count of Administrators listed right next to your organizations name.
  2. Add/Remove any administrator(s) you desire.
  3. Click Back to Account Settings.
  4. Click on Configure. This is where you select what options you want.



Jamie Inscore December 03, 2013 iMinistries Support / Announcements

Have you checked your account settings lately?


The last few months there have been some issues with automatic billing for some customers.

Frequent causes of failed automatic billing:

  • Expired credit cards
  • Cards issued to someone no longer with the organization
  • Cards lost or stolen
  • Billing information on card doesn't match the iMinistries payment profile


Please have your site owners check the Account Settings under the main System Administration page on a frequent basis to prevent any service disruption due to unpaid invoices.  Not all administrators have access to this area - this is only available to the person set up as the owner of the site.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at or submit a support request ticket.


Thank you!
iMinistries Support Staff



Updated:  December 3, 2013

Jamie Inscore December 02, 2013 iMinistries Support / Site Controls

Customizing the CSS is rather simple when you know what to reference.  Use your browser's element inspector to find information on the element you wish to change.  To do that, right click on the area you want to change, click inspect element, and then you'll get HTML and CSS for that element, and it will be highlighted.  An example of something you can inspect and change is the 3 columns at the bottom of the Jericho home page (worship times, about, news/events) - in some cases they are too small and need to be lengthened a bit so the buttons on the bottom for more information aren't covered up by your details.

Home page Welcome bottom columns - change the size of the boxes

.Homepage.four.columns { height: 350px; }


Other things our customers like to change is the color scheme.  We can do this in the main CSS file of your skin, but a short fix is to customize the CSS and identify the class to change.  Using your browser's element inspector again, click on the text or area you wish to change, right click and inspect element.  The fonts, the colors and the details will be shown to you.  Another example of something you can change is the background color behind the header graphics.  For the Jericho template, here's what you'd do:


Change the color of the header background

#SectionOne { background-color: #D5D2FF; }


Keep in mind that any colors you need to change should be in the HEX format.  If you don't understand HEX colors, take a look at this reference:

Another thing to note is that each of our templates are based on a different grid.  If you have some CSS experience, it's pretty easy to understand the grid and how to use it.  For templates that are responsive, using the grid enables you to make your content responsive as well, reducing issues for mobile devices when viewing your items.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding customizing your CSS, please submit a support ticket.

Bryan Young September 21, 2009 iMinistries Support / Site Controls

It's important to note that you will not be able to change the site skin while in the free trial mode. Changing of the skin is only available to converted customers during the onboarding process.

Your site's Skin is what controls the overall look-and-feel of your site. You can alter this at any time and as often as you like by visiting Site Controls > Site Preferences > Design. Once you have selected the skin that you want to use, save your preferences and your skin will be changed. Please note, this is only available to customers after they have converted from the free trial to a full account with iMinistries and have started or completed the onboarding process.


The responsive skins are the newest designs in this list (as of September 2014). If the current free skins we offer aren't what you're looking for and you would like a custom skin created, we are more than willing to work with you and/or your own designer. Because the HTML has to be coded in a certain way, skins can only be added by iMinistries.

If you are a current customer looking to refresh your look, we have an assisted option that allows you to have a staging platform to confirm your skin selection, adjust headers and colors, and work out any kinks in the changes for a minimal fee.  To pursue, please submit a support ticket by clicking here


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