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What is a Highlight?

Travis Hickox
posted this on September 19, 2009, 11:11 AM

Highlights are a great way to draw attention to related information for any page.

Highlights typically appear in the side panel of the page. The exact location may vary by skin. Each page has five "slots" within which Highlights can be placed.

There are two steps to placing a Highlight. First, the item must be made into a Highlight. Then, the Highlight must be selected for a page.

Setting Up a Highlight
Go to the item (Course, News, Events, or other items), or create a new one, that you want to appear on a page. Look for the Highlight checkbox on the Display tab. Checking this box makes the item eligible to be selected as a Highlight. While in the Display tab, add a Thumbnail to display with the item. Adding this small image will make your item "pop."

Placing the Highlight
In order for the Highlight to be shown on any given page, edit the page and click on the Display tab. You will see five dropdown lists labeled Highlights. You can select the item you wish to Highlight here.

You can also choose "Random Highlight" to allow the system to select from all available highlights on the site each time a page is loaded.

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