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What is an Ad? How do I Create an Ad?

Bryan Young
posted this on September 21, 2009, 10:55 AM

What is An Ad?
 are specific kind of Content made to fill in the Ad area of your site. Different skins define the Ad in different ways and display them in different areas. Typically Ads fill in the right or left panel of the skin, but can be omitted entirely from a skin design.

An Ad can be made up of whatever combination of html, text, images, and flash you wish to load via our Editor. In most cases, our clients choose to use an image or a flash file. Most Ads are also a link to another page on the site. Highlight the image, flash file, or text you wish to link and use the hyperlink tool to create a link in the editor.

In order to make your site more dynamic, you may choose to load a number of different Ads. If you do this, the system will automatically choose one or several random Ads from every one which is currently active (where the Status is Published and the Post Date has already passed and the Expiration Date is blank or in the future). The number of Ads loaded for each page depends on how many are active and the Show up to X ads per page setting (see Site Preferences).

For even more control, you may choose to load Ads in the Content Administration area for any or all of your ministries. When you do this, these Ads will be placed first on pages which belong to the ministry: blogs, events, news, etc. (Headers are placed in the same way.) The Ads of ancestor ministries will be used to fill in slots as well. If there aren't enough Ads to fill all of the open slots, other site ads will be used to fill in the slots. To illustrate this, please see the following example:

The show up to X ads per page setting is set to 3.

The following ministry structure exists on the site:

Family Ministries
  • Youth Ministries
  • Children's Ministry
  • Student Ministries
  • Junior High Ministry
  • High School Ministry
  • College Ministry

The following Ads belong to the site: Site Ad #1, Site Ad #2.

The following Ads belong to the Family Ministry: Family Ad.

The following Ads belong to the High School Ministry: HS Ad #1, HS Ad #2.

The following Ads belong to the Junior High Ministry: JH Ad.

When the homepage for the site is loaded, the system will place both Site Ads #1 and #2 in a random order. When any Family Ministry page is loaded, the system will always show Family Ad and will randomly choose two other Ads from the HS Ads and JH Ad. When any High School Ministry page is loaded, the system will always show both HS Ads and randomly choose between Site Ads #1 and #2.

How do I Add an Ad?
To create an Ads, visit Content Administration and choose Ad from the Add Item... drop down list.

Be sure to pay close attention to the Status, Post Date and Expiration Date for the ad in order to ensure it can be placed.