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How do I Podcast?

Bryan Young
posted this on September 21, 2009, 10:09 AM

Podcasting is a standardized way to distribute audio files to internet users. Podcasting, in general, is done by placing files on a Web server and using an RSS feed to describe each file. On your iMinistries site, podcasting is simplified using the Blog functionality. In essence, a Podcast on your site is a blog entry with an audio file as an enclosure (a file embedded within the entry). Since all blogs on your site automatically offer an RSS feed, your blog becomes a Podcast when you add audio files to the entry.

Creating a Podcast

  1. Create a Blog (see Blog Administration)
  2. Create a Blog Entry (see Blog Administration)
  3. Upload an mp3 file as an enclosure by browsing to the file on your computer.
  4. Visit the blog page (you can use the open  to get to the blog page when you are on the actual Blog Entry page).
  5. Locate and click the RSS Feed link at the bottom of the page. It looks like this : 
  6. Your browser should show some XML code (language used to communicate your Podcast). Find the URL in the address bar of your browser. This is the address of your podcast.

Adding Your Podcast to iTunes Podcast Directory

  1. TEST YOUR FEED.  This is important because it can tell you what is wrong or missing from your feed.  Use this link:  The most common error is that a picture is not uploaded to your blog.  iTunes requires an RGB jpg or gif image exactly 600x600px that is less than 500MB.  It is embedded into your feed, and your test will tell you if it's attached correctly or not.
  2. Open iTunes (if you do not have it installed already, visit Apple's website for a free download)
  3. Visit iTunes Music Store
  4. Click Podcasts
  5. Click Submit a Podcast
  6. Paste your the address of your podcast into the box and follow all the steps.  Confirm how the feed will display your details and information (for searching and identification).


How much space are we allowed for mp3 archives and overall storage?

You are not limited to a specific storage allotment per mp3's or jpg's, but your upload must be less than 25MB at a time.  

Timing Out While Loading an mp3 file

Problem: The site is timing out or appears to "crash" while you are attempting to attach an mp3 file to a blog entry.

Solution: Most likely, the file is too large. We currently have a file limit of 25MB. A 45 minute message encoded at 32kbs is about 14MBs. The setting to change the speed at which you are encoding is in iTunes when you rip it from the CD. You can change your encoding configuration in iTunes preferences to encode at < 128kbs and then right click on the song and encode it again so that you don't have to rip it again. 

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