How Do I Add My iMinistries Website Blog to My Facebook Fan Page?




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    Lauren du Bois

    Is this current?  I cannot find the "pop-up" on the facebook page.  And, social RSS currently appears as an app without a need to search for it.  I think the problem I am having is the RSS link on the individual blog I am trying to link is a website address and not an RSS link.

    There is a page on iministries at the blog creation level that seems to have an RSS "button" along with many others but they do not function when I try to access them.  and I am in IE

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    Travis Hickox

    Hi Lauren,

    To get your blog(s) RSS feed URL, you must add that panel to the blog itself. I believe that you might be referring to this by what you have written.

    1. Add the RSS Feed panel.
    2. Save your blog.
    3. View it.
    4. Find the RSS Icon and right click.
    5. Copy the path.
    6. Go to Facebook and paste in that URL.
    7. It will look something like This is our blog's RSS feed. Note that the end of the URL says mode=rss.

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